Brian H.

About Me

Let's get to know me


Cool website? It can be yours!

I provide you the best service you could ever imagine. You are also very welcome to provide your very own ideas or mockups as well. We either go with that or we improve it!

crazy, fast-learner, tech enthusiast
with more than 5 years of experience.

Let's get back to the topic.

Who is Brian?

I'm a 21 years old frontend engineer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Started to code because of curiousity at 15, and that curiousity never ends until now.

I love my job and that's why I keep giving my best and all I have to build your products without even trying. When you love something, you really couldn't help yourself, could you?

Fast Learner

I learn fast. But If it's tech, I learn it faster. I love learning by doing, and I enjoy it!

Crazy Loyal

I'm the most loyal person you've ever worked with. I code because I love code.


Tech will never die. The past few years updates have been crazy fast. So is my curiousity.

Friendly AF.

I can get along with either younger & older people than me. I'm just friendly, that's all.